Churches & Outreach


Each year, one of the goals of Future Life Ministries is to plant new churches in the region and reach out to the thousands of hurting and unchurched families. We have currently planted 35 churches across the nation and beyond. Our vision is to win 3000-5000 souls each year through personal contacts with our pastors and large crusades throughout the area.





Future life Christian Ministries ministers to the orphans in our academy by providing each child with education, food, clothing and medical assistance. If you would like to help sponsor an orphan child at school, it is only $250 per year. $250 for food clothing education and health care.


FLCM has developed sustainable programs to not only help these broken families learn skills to help them make money to survive, but to educate them and teach them to serve God in ways that offer hope and inspiration to everyone they touch.

They meet together faithfully offering each other prayer and support as they struggle to survive. Sustainable programs have been developed to help them raise money... They have a small (5 cow) dairy operation, a small chicken egg farm, and a goat project that sustains itself by providing mated goats to a widow who then returns the first born back to Future Life to be distributed to another widow.


Amazing Biblical Principles In Action! They have even begun a micro-lending project which not only provides funds to help people in need, the accumulated money from the interest allows them to invest into other Kingdom Projects.



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